“for to me, to live is christ, and to die is gain.” – philippians one, twenty-one

About USM

Upperroom Founder Michael Miller experienced a radical encounter with God in 2017, in which the Lord shared a word for future generations — a call to action for God’s children that would soon lead to the founding of USM:

“Teach them how to die.”

Three years later, in the midst of a self-serving culture, USM was birthed out of this counter-cultural word from the Lord and UPPERROOM’s desire to train and equip the next generation in prayer and worship.

Now, each year USM hosts approximately 100 Sons and Daughters from across the nation . . . each hungry to minister to the Lord and respond to the same invitation they’ve heard in their hearts: a call from the Lord to come and die.

“for to me, to live is christ, and to die is gain.” – philippians one, twenty-one


his presence




Our Focus

is ministry to The Lord . . .

With this at the forefront of all we do, USM has been designed to invite students into an intentionally cultivated atmosphere of worship and prayer.

Students come to USM to grow in Biblical knowledge, identity, prayer, understanding the gift of prophecy, intimacy with the Lord, and most importantly, a sustained hunger for His Presence.

USM offers unique programs for First Year students, Second Year students, and Online Students each sharing the same goal: to provide students with a Biblical and practical understanding of what it means to minister to the Lord with their lives.


His Presence

Our desire is to be a resting place for God’s Presence. We pursue His Presence by agreeing with what He has done, who He is and what He will do.

– Psalm 132



“When we take our eyes off ourselves and behold Jesus, we are changed. We were made for intimacy with our God.”

– Matthew 6:33


The result of this passion is a unified community; a family living for the fullness of God’s presence on earth as it is in Heaven.

– John 17:20


jeremy and ashley shuck

michael and lorisa miller

peter louis

traes howard

jonathan lewis

aaron smith

kevin tipps

eleonore armstrong

seth yates

jehosaphat rodriguez

tommy kelton

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Earn college credit with USM classes.

Faith International University was founded in 1969 and is located in Tacoma, WA.

The King’s University was founded in 1997 and is located in Southlake, TX.

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