Set aside for His Presence

from anywhere

“when christ calls a man, he bids him come and die.” – dietrich bonhoeffer


his presence




Our Focus

is ministry to the Lord.

Keeping this in mind, the USM Online experience is designed to invite students to intentionally cultivate atmospheres of prayer and worship in their daily lives.

Many students value their decision to enroll in USM Online, joining the global Upperroom community, without having to move or leave their job.

By saying yes to USM Online, you are joining a group of passionate followers of Jesus around the world, who are saying “YES” to a lifestyle of ministering to the Lord.


thirty-six weeks

ten hours/wk

Our Program

is growing!

We are expanding our original 12-week USM Online Program to now include 36-weeks of coursework broken into three Phases. Each Phase has its own areas of focus which each build upon one another.

It is our goal that after completing all three Phases of USM Online, you will feel passionate and equipped to create a resting place for the Lord in your heart and in your local community through a lifestyle of prayer, worship & ministry to the Lord.

phase one

september – november  | $1200

phase two

january – april  | $1200

phase three

may – august | $1200


The Prayer Room is a place to set aside time to minister to the heart of God and receive God’s love. In this place, we hear God’s voice and then respond through praying, prophesying, and decreeing His will into the earth.

Online students are encouraged to spend time each week in corporate prayer either locally or by tuning in to UPPERROOM Prayer Sets via live stream.


USM Online is a unique option for students interested in taking classes from wherever they live on their own time. Online classes are pre-recorded and released weekly so that students may engage with the material whenever it is convenient for them. For this reason USM Online is a great option for students all around the globe. Key themes taught during the USM Online experience will be…

5The Tabernacle of David  5UPPERROOM Culture  5Intimacy in Prayer

5New Covenant  5and Biblical Foundations.

Live Video Q&A Sessions

Throughout the semester, we will be hosting live Q&A sessions. These are a great opportunity to hear directly from the voices in your classes.

Live Video Q&A Sessions

Throughout the semester, we will be hosting live Q&A sessions. These are a great opportunity to hear directly from the voices in your classes.

Application info

Who Can Apply

Requirements for applying to USM Online include:

5Must be at least 18 years of age
5Have a digital passport style photo
5Have reliable internet and access to a computer
5Have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior

Important Application dates are:

Applications Open: June 1, 20244
Applications Close: August 14, 20244

When Can I Apply

Calendar 2024-2025

phase one

Tuition Due:  August 21, 2024
Class Begins: September 2, 2024
Class Ends: November 23, 2024

phase two

Tuition Due: January 8, 2025 (tentative)
Class Begins: January 13, 2025
Class Ends: April 12, 2025

phase three

Tuition Due:  April 30, 2025 (tentative)
Class Begins: May 5, 2025
Class Ends: August 2, 2025

We were created to host the presence of the living God, and when we encounter His love, we can’t help but be transformed.

It’s time to learn how to stop doing good things for God and learn how to simply start being with Him.